There are many wonderful people you will encounter to guide you
within the Mind, Body and Spirit Field however none quite so inspired 
and insightful as Ryan, in my opinion. 
For Ryan shines like Diamond.
Witty and humorous, down to Earth and kindly, generous with his
time and energy; all offered in Service to The Light and to those
who accompany him on the journey.
Working with Ryan, will develop your Spiritual Path in ways which 
will leave you in awe and wonder. 
Most importantly, you will feel empowered.
Dianne Pegler   Author The Sacred Order of The Magi

I came to see Ryan at a difficult time when I was struggling and unsure of what to do, or who to turn to. I needn’t have worried! I felt immediately re-assured by Ryan’s quick and astute sense of ‘knowing’. Ryan facilitated a process of healing which left me feeling relieved of a heavy burden and much more settled within myself afterwards, which was marvellous! Ryan’s ethos seems to be about giving you back control… and that you are really healing yourself!
We are here to live life from our own individual and unique point of view, and I think Ryan has helped me do that – by supporting me to take another step along my own personal, journey’s way! Many warm thanks.   Carole (Bramhall).


I had my diamond light activation just under a year ago now. I felt drawn to it because i was at a point in my life where I wanted to get on course & do what I came here to Earth to do. I had attended some of Ryan’s workshops before and had found each and everyone of them powerful, so I knew if I was willing to invest in taking the Diamond activation it would do it’s job well.
I wasn’t wrong! The experience was phenomenal and one that has got me on my path and seeing me work towards things that I didn’t think I could do life purpose wise. Before I had the activation I was not clear of what I was meant to be going with my life, as soon as signed up all that changed.
I became clearer and felt more empowered, guided & driven to make change.  I felt compelled to experience & work through issues that at times weren’t easy, but at the same time I felt buffered by spirit along the way, to help me ride some waves 🙂 I’m really glad I invested in myself & took the activation, because once I did there was no turning back & my life is and will continue to prosper because of it.
Much love & gratitude xx  Urshula

On reflection my experience of the Diamond light activations are that it brought to the surface deeply buried, hidden and long forgotten emotional parts of me, they came up and flew away in a breath…no turmoil or struggling with them, just gone!   The activations themselves were beautiful and serene sometimes with an awareness of work being done on specific chakras.  

For myself the whole experience has left me feeling more connected to my heart which has brought many benefits and positive changes in my life which I would never initially have envisaged… Quite life changing! Blessings to you for the opportunity.

Love n blessings Lorraine