The_core_of_the_massive_compact_star_cluster_in_NGC_3603Transmissions are downloads of specific energies which we feel we need within our lives to assist us on our path.  These energy colour rays hold specific qualities and energies that we require at different times of our lives.  They can be received in one to one sessions or through a distant transmission.

If you book a distant transmission then a time is arranged where you can lay down for one hour and receive the transmission.  It is just as effective as receiving a one on one session as energy has no limitations and works through intention and focus. This is just as powerful as receiving it through the physical touch of the hands.

Please have a look at the following transmissions to see which energetic would help you to bring you more freedom, truth and love into your life.

Silver Transmission

Gold Transmission

Platinum Transmission

Rainbow Transmission

Diamond Transmissions



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