The Diaphragm Chakra : Releasing Fundamental Doubt

As the energies carry on pushing us forward towards our Ascension we become aware of new blockages within our physical systems that need to be removed.  The one I would like to discuss at this time is the newly forming Diagram chakra.  This chakra is located between the heart and solar plexus chakra.  Whilst this chakra remains blocked it cuts off our attachment from true emotion and curbs it so that we do not feel fully our emotions.  We also feel doubtful and in need of constant approval!   Whilst this chakra remains blocked or inactive we can’t fully be our authentic selves as we are not feeling fully what we should be!   In some of you this chakra has started to activate already and you may be feeling the rolling waves of emotions that have been stored since before childhood also you may be suffering from bloating and gas for no apparent reason.

This chakra is to play an important part in our ascension process and links directly into the heart.  I feel that once we have mastered the lessons of our lower three chakras (root,Sacral & solar plexus) then they will all merge into the diaphragm chakra and connect directly into the heart.  It will become the sovereign centre of our physical body where we direct our action and love in physical ways.

When this chakra is fully active fear, doubt and the feeling of being unsupported by the universe will dissolve.  Your breathing will increase in power so that you can fully consciously breathe in the prana (energy) that you require. Also being able to co-ordinate your power for your highest good!

From experience I tell you that whilst this chakra is activating, very powerful waves of emotion fill your being, it does not last very long but you must allow this emotion to express itself as it leaves your energy field for good.

If you feel a resonance whilst reading this post and feel that you would like to activate, or help in the activation process.  I can perform distant or in person healings to help you activate and become aware of this chakra.

Please contact myself on for more info .

Diamond Light  – Ryan


Our New Delphius Chakra

Over this past month much wisdom has been flowing into my being from either side of the polarities that we are working to balance. I am now starting slowly but surely to see the creators that we truly are.  I have seen that we all come from many different star systems and carry with us differing gifts and wisdom that we can bring to this Earth.

I can see that we all have slight differences within the number and type chakras and chakra systems that enable us to bring our gifts to fruition.  This is not to say that we all don’t have the 7 chakra system of old but we have many more chakras outside of this system that are developing daily as we learn our lessons and access our gifts.I feel now that many of the books that have been printed about the 7 chakra system or 12 chakra system are actually out of date and we need to look inside ourself to see what our system actually looks like.

NEW Delphius Chakra – I was recently shown my Delphius Chakra which brought me much joy, especially as I was going through a pretty deep releasing at the time.  It was shown to me by my Atlantean Dolphin Guide and resides below the Earth star chakra in the ground that we walk on.  It holds a very high frequency which helps us to communicate with the other dimensions within our bodies, Akin to a ground satellite receiver.  When this chakra is activated it emits a circular or spiral wave that goes up and around the edge of our energetic field and into the stars and heavens above.  This chakra was used by some in the time of Atlantis when communication was like nothing we have ever seen before in this body.  It was used in the temples and by the Oracles and communicators of the past.

As the name states it was used in the Ancient Oracles arena of Delphi in Greece, It is here that the Earth location of this chakra was held for the planet.  I feel that this chakra has moved across the mediterranean to an Island location of which I can’t quite see at the moment but am sure that when the time is right the new location will be revealed in full!

If you feel a resonance reading this information about the Delphius Chakra then why not book the following sessions to activate this Dormant force within yourself (Please use your own intuition, as this activation is not for all yet).

In Person & Distant Delphius Chakra Activation – This activation will be conducted in 2 hourly sessions.  The first hour session will work to clear and upgrade the Earth Star Chakra so the energy of the Delphius Chakra Can be activated and the Second hour session (1 week after first session) will work to activate this chakra and start the higher communications. Please contact Ryan for more info