Excalibur Grid Activation (Equinox through to eclipse tetrad)


The Month of September (9) always brings with it the opportunity to wrap up many energetics which we have experienced and NOW need release from.  It’s a fast paced energy month where we purge much from our colossal experience banks.

For myself it has been a month of ripping apart old structures and programs (Earth programs, Solar System Programs & Star System programs) which has brought much pain (ouch) and also huge swathes of inner peace & knowing that all is well.  I have been connecting with my wisdom from past lives and following the abundantly flowing synchronizations which have been helping me to lay a new energy grid for the planet.

To cut a very long story short, the New Grid which I’m calling Excalibur (As Excalibur resembles to me the blue divine power of truth) will be fired (which means fully active) on the Equinox of 23rd September 2015, which is a 22 day in numerology (the number of the master builder).
It is a grid that has been extended out to cover all influencing energies which have had relationships with the Earth over all time.   *When the time is right i’m sure ill write a book with all of the details of what I have been working towards*

After the grid is fired  there will then be a period of recalibration which will last for 10 days (the eclipse and full moon is in this 10 day period). A recalibration period means much change and re-aligning. This can cause discomfort as our physical bodies are letting go of so much outdated emotions, thoughts and programs.

It is essential at this time, whatever your level of awakening, that you can access your still point.  This is your centre and the silence within.  The power of peace is the band aid that soothes and takes away all that is not needed for the new you and new world.  So in these days before the Firing of Excalibur,  what are the inner yearnings,things or tools that bring you PEACE.

If any of you during this time are in need of some external assistance then please do book a session with myself, either in person or through distant correspondence (which is equally as effective and powerful).
until next time – Much love – Ryan
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